Canberra Modern: The Cocktail Hour Lifestyle with the Martini Whisperer

Thursday 16 November 2017, 05:00pm


Thursday 16 November 2017, From 5pm, Common Room, University House

Masterclass: 5pm-6pm
This exclusive event is limited to 20 people. Join Canberra’s own Martini Whisperer Phillip Jones for a memorable cocktail hour to explore its mysteries, history, and how to craft the perfect cocktail at home. He’ll also share the role of the Martini in adding glamour to the suburban cocktail hour. Naturally, all that talk of Dry Martinis is sure to make you thirsty and you’ll be able to craft one of your own under his expert eye! Tickets include welcome drink and a Martini.

Talk 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Cocktail Hour Lifestyle with the Martini Whisperer. The Martini is the most iconic of cocktails, instantly recognisable and evocative. Like modernist design, it’s elements are simple but expressive of time and place. So dress up for a fabulous cocktail party and a very special door prize - a personalised Martini masterclass with the Martini Whisperer himself for up to 6 friends in the comfort of your own home! Talk entry includes first drink, and antipasto, with cash bar available for further refreshments.

Location University House, 1 Balmain Cres, ANU 2601
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