Thank A Cop Day

Wednesday 19 September 2018, 08:00am

Thank a Cop Day- 19th Sept 2018

We celebrate certain days each year to recognise the outstanding work of special people in the community or identified diseases that cause so much suffering to our health as a reminder to us all and to raise awareness about them.

A group that really needs our support more than ever is the police force. Our police are the thin blue line dealing with the worst members of our society and the most traumatic scenes imaginable as they go about their daily duties in upholding the laws of our land and protecting our way of life, sometimes even to the detriment of their health through Post Traumatic Stress or even in losing their lives whilst on duty.

We owe them so much yet seldom show our feelings towards them in a positive way for varied reasons so we (BONZA) are naming Wed 19th September this year as the first THANK A COP DAY.

It is hoped that government representatives will support this initiative and the media so it can become a reality.

A blue and white chequered ribbon to be worn on the day would be appropriate but I call on all members of the community to show your appreciation in some way.

Cop is an endearing term to the community and is in no way meant to be derogatory but says it as it is in language the general public relate to and is not meant to offend in any way.

Please join BONZA (Baby Boomers) in celebrating this event this year and then every year on that date so they really understand just how much all of us think of them as outstanding public servants and how we could not live in such a wonderful country without their work and efforts to protect us all.

What can you do? Let your local community groups know, local schools, local media..just make people will evolve if we believe it is not about BONZA but more the community at large..90% of us love the cops and what they do so we need to let them know in my opinion..hope you budget needed just a belief and I believe we can do it.

On the day.... shake their hand, kiss them on the cheek (if you ask and they agree), a flower..say 'Thank you for what you do'....don't tell them to 'go after real criminals' when you get a fine for breaking a law :) ... give them a free coffee or a pie if you have a business..invite them to a school assembly....deliver a bunch of flowers to your local cop shop or a cake you baked..make them feel good and offer the respect we have for them in a warm manner...organise your town or suburb... what a wonderful country we live in because of their efforts....don't forget that every day...Ed

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