Dec 01 2017

Woman Jailed For Stealing From Her Boss


A Canberra woman's been sentenced to 8 months prison after stealing more than $160,000 from her employer.

Jennifer Doone Morris told her boss at Project Lighting that she was tired of being poor, after he found out she'd been embezzling funds over an 8 month period.

Court documents show Ms Morris would change bank account details on invoices, so the money from a certain supplier went into her own account.

The payments had labels including love, holiday, fuel, food, rent and ACT rego.

The 50-year-old eventually came clean to her boss in an email, saying she was ashamed of what she'd done and would hand herself into police.

She's been sentenced to 8 months jail, and has also been ordered to pay $160,000 in reparations.

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